World Market Leadership

Is 21 years for CSAT innovation lived the world market leadership of which entrepreneurs does not dream? Outstanding innovation successes can be true that dream for the CSAT GmbH. The mechanical engineers specialize in development, production, sales and maintenance of industrial digital printing systems. Their most important innovation in recent years, the DTS System 1200 “, is the best with 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution at 25 meters per minute, and the fastest industrial inline digital printing solution of the world. For 21 years, innovation is lived in CSAT. The overall objective of this is to achieve a technology generation change in the field of printing machines every three to four years.

This ensures the innovative advantage on the world market. Numerous national and international patents prove the right of the individual. Managing Director Hans Mathea on five or six years estimated the lead over their fiercest competitors. Continue to learn more with: Blu Mankuma. The secret of success: CSAT is itself, always the best appear to be motivated without the pressure of the Competition.” This is especially the top management responsible, which spends about 20 days a year in training and spends 70 percent of his time for innovations. Ahmed, who is responsible for the subject of technology, and his head of Department motivate all employees to think with, with testing and to optimize it. For each Department, it has also nominated a so-called innovator. Last but not least, the inventive spirit in the House is based on innovative processes and an innovative organization: all departments are closely Interlocked, systematically observing the market, competition and technological developments around the theme of industrial printers and digital printers.

Finally, innovations are a success only if they prevail on the market. This is the sales and marketing management in close consultation with the customer. They bring their knowledge for future solutions. And: the success of new printing presses is captured on the spot. The after sales department provides fresh impetus to our product development. The success of the innovation of the harrows Steiner can be pinned down to numbers: to process innovations saving approximately 20% of the cost. One more feature: the engineering act counter-cyclically in years of stagnation of the market they are investing millions in new developments. Up to 25 percent of the revenue flow per year in research and development. In addition: the new products in the past three years accounted for approximately 50% of the turnover and 50% of the profits. And it should remain so according to Hans Mathea so that tomorrow pioneering technology jumps make for internationally outstanding achievements.