Windows NT

Program Format removes all data from your hard drive and creates a new file allocation table files. As a result of formatting you get a completely blank disc, which will not be any viruses or programs. All clobber! And not to lose so favorite game or an important document, you should always place in advance of such data to another drive. If the operating system installed on your C: drive, place all the programs and documents on the D: or E:. If your computer has two operating systems, the Keep one on C:, the other on D:, and documents and programs on E:.

In this case, you will format the C: drive (or D:) for the subsequent installation of a operating system and disk with the document E and programs do not touch. But it is possible only when the disk is left with the documents of infected files. If the infection has penetrated the entire do and can not be contained and cleaned, have to format the drives! Here we consider the most complicated case, which occurs when the computer is infected. However, the operating system could collapse without the intervention of viruses and worms. Damaged some of the file system folder of Windows, and the computer stops booting. Or loaded, but is unstable. In order to proceed with the installation of the operating system, you will need the installation disk was packed to the archive system.

Most operating systems take up disk space 800 MB. It is not possible to place a program onto a CD without compression, that is backed up. Therefore, the system first packs (compressed) in the archive, and then recorded on a CD. When the system will need to install, First, it is copied to the hard disk in a compressed form, followed by unpacking and installing. The process of copying, unpacking and installation takes 40-60 minutes time on fast computers. Installing the operating system runs without problems in cases where all the preparatory work is done competently, knowingly, and nothing prevents the proper installation, including viruses and worms. As you know, avaricious pays twice. If you put on your computer a pirated copy of Windows, Microsoft's server load into your computer spyware module under the guise of regular free updates. This module tells you to use pirated systems and the system is blocked by 40-50th day. So buy a computer company licensed disc with the Windows operating system and get a lot of fun, as well as regular free updates to the operating system. Remember that the licensing system can be put only on one computer. It is worth to you, the goodness of his heart, set it on the computer a good friend, as you will lose the license. License disk should be kept at home with the driver and copy it to other computers impossible. As an exception, you can put this system on a computer that does not go to the Internet. Finally, the time has come when you are standing at your computer, holding the coveted drive with the operating system, which intend to establish or re establish. Install operating systems Windows 9x and Windows NT are slightly different, so let them otdelno.Nachnem to install Windows XP as the most popular at present day