We extract of the Biblical examples lies that stimulate in them to go ahead and to disrespect the weaknesses and empecilhos that as much want stopping in them. We are citizens to the weaknesses, natural in is determined moments of our lives to feel that it does not have more forces to fight, is exactly at these moments that God in the ones of the one I liven up new, in making to look at the difficulties with eyes d? It, is possible to find the hope wire, ' ' crumbs of f' ' to make feats on behalf of Jesus, therefore it says: if you will have faith of the size of a mustard grain, that is the minor of all the hortalias, you will say to the mount. It is possible to take off force of the weakness, is possible to breach same that the circumstances say not. In the book of I Samuel in chapter twenty and two we see Davi if to hide in a called cave Adulo, that means shelter place, for where pursued people took refuge. Davi was in the ascension to the kingdom and was necessary to try situations discomforted, needed to face the danger of the death to establish itself as king. To times challenges ahead of us are placed that we pass until disrespecting them, but all and any situation being good it goes or me to be valid the penalty in the end, nor that she is for adding experience, not if she can discourage if the moment is of cave is necessary to believe that if it can take off force of the weakness. Then king Saul wanted to kill Davi and if he pledged very for this, and it was necessary Davi to save its life to run away and even though to look shelter between the Filisteus, that was enemy of Israel.Em an important moment of its Davi history was for Gate, It not yet was king, it had the fame but it did not have the throne, and when the Gate only with the fame arrives, then he is recognized for the servant of King Aquis and said of it: the king of the land is not this, did not sing itself of this in the dances saying: Saul wounded its thousands and Davi its ten thousand? When hearing this Davi feared very, therefore it had the fame, but it did not have the apparatus of a King, Davi was alone.