In the age of Pisces astrology existed only for the elite – for kings, rulers, presidents, millionaires. Now consult an astrologer can each. However, I believe that the interest in astrology is just beginning to develop. And close to the time when, together with a certificate of birth the child's parents will give a map of his birth with his explanations of trends development and the future. And the work will not take on the resume, but in the natal chart. I'm sure the future – for this ancient science! 4. Do you have a wonderful site -, a lot of interesting and useful information. This is your primary business? My life – it's colorful ribbon, and the fate – the fate of a wanderer.

I was engaged in various kinds of work and business – and the store owner and a newspaper, and website development, and sale of real estate, and journalistic, and scientific and literary work. The list goes on. Salman Behbehani: the source for more info. But I can say with certainty that astrology – is the most important and favorite pastime for the past 17 years. 5. Who helps you to work on the site and how do you like this lesson? In work on the site helps me Uranium – Leading planet of Aquarius. Under its auspices are and astrology, and the Internet, and computers. What I am doing my own site, is perfectly logical and even inevitable from the viewpoint of astrology. 6. I was attracted by the phrase on your site:''The economic crisis we have temporarily discounts on all services, including horoscopes, psychological counseling and projections.'' All true? I always take into account financial position of clients and try to go to meet them in matters of payment.