Understanding Life

I invite you to check between all the publicity can have internet. How many people from different backgrounds, we share this passion as a way of life. To all who feel the basketball as a way of understanding life … Leave your signature! Basketball is my life! and every day I have more clear! what a pity that no one can be devoted entirely to the sport and can not be a professional in your hobby! Alberto hug! FOR A PENYA! Alex Baron. (Coach Mini C DKV Joventut Badalona). 20/01/2010 Alberto Chilet Rumi.20/01/10 Spirit in the lead! Sergio Ruiz / Journalist / Zaragoza, Malaga. 20/01/10 Long live the basketball! The basketball … is something that drives me from the lethargy of my week to bring me back to life on weekends. It’s what makes me wake up to “live”. a greeting! EnCancha keltse from 21/01/10 What would become of all of us without the basketball Un saludo Alberto! Paul Jaurena.25/01/10 “Now I know I do not mind going to heaven, because after this life is that wherever you go is a step backward.” (Bill Russell after winning his last ring in the pavilion of the Lakers when they had already prepared the celebration.) Un saludo Alberto:) Antonio Gomez. Cadet Player CB Prat. 25/01/2010. A good idea of his friend Alberto. Long life to basketball, from Argentina! Formative Basketball Sports Services. Esper Pablo Di Cesare. 25/01/2010. Thanks for the time involved.One, two, three TEAM CB Viladecavalls. 1/02/2010. A weekend without football is a dead weekend. Save Sans representing Cadete “A” CB Prat. 2/02/2010. (IES CAN Viluma) Action, spark, attention, computer, concentration, i. .. Action, spark, attention, computer, concentration, intelligence, emotion, sport, body, mind, fun, and so on up to a religion, or rather, a way of understanding life, basketball, our passion. 5/02/2010.