Tron: The Legacy Of 2010

Premier, three-dimensional movie trailer Throne: Legacy took place in the world's largest cinema and has already generated considerable excitement in the fans of film and all fans of fantasy. We also had the opportunity to look at this trailer on the display press the film company Disney Alice in Wonderland Director timy Burton. Maybe you can also see the trailer to continue the most elegant fiction rebel Thrones 80 at the Prime Minister 'Alisy' 4th March. Tron: The legacy of three-dimensional two-minute trailer for 'The Throne: The Legacy' begins to Sam's son, hero of the first pictures of Kevin Flynn (James Bridges), already knows about the strange call from a couple of years, dozens of empty galleries automaton. Sam, there is hope that his father is alive and locked in a computer game.

A guy breaks into an abandoned room and learns the game device, which means Kevin Flynn went to ride the world of computer games tron, popular then. Then the reduction of dynamic scenes from the game world should be – the overall style of the real universe has remained the same, but all the objects and heroes of the game have been substantially processed by advanced visual effects. On the screen we see the familiar suits players with siyavshimi lines, and their hands – light wheels, like an old Indian Arms chakra fantastic svetotsikly (lightcycles) and even the odd flying platform, a similar letter 'P'. Kevin Flynn is really in the game world, it is rightly getting old and has long hair and beard. It seems that the order in the computer world now would send a contract Flynn family – father and son.

Remove the Throne: The Legacy (MARKET: Inheritance) from Disney and director Joseph go to movie screens in December 2010. The film plays in the film in three-dimensional format, and its budget announced $ 300 million, the most expensive movie of 2009 summer. Leading role in painting executed by Jeff Bridges, Garrett Hedlund, Michael Sheen and Olivia Uajld. According to some information, the online premiere of the trailer, three-dimensional movie 'Tron: Legacy' will take place no earlier than the 9th March, so look News!