Therapeutical Centers

Completeness, the primary level is responsible for all the health problems; despite it has left of them is directed the teams of secondary or tertiary level, the service of Primary Attention continues co-responsible. Beyond the bond with other services of health, the services of the primary level can launch intersetoriais hand of domiciliary visits, meetings with the community and actions. In this characteristic, the Completeness also means the abrangncia or magnifying of the health concept, if not limiting to the purely biological body. – Coordination of the care substantial of the care to the health of a person it will be carried through in other levels of attendance, the primary level has the incumbency to organize, to co-ordinate and/or to integrate these cares, since frequently they are carried through by professionals of different areas or third, and that therefore they have little dialogue between itself. The Brazilian Government has as objective to reduce the psychiatric stream beds gradually, to characterize, to expand and to fortify the extra-hospital net – Therapeutical Centers of Ateno Psicossocial (CAPS), Residential Services (SRTs) and Psychiatric Units in General Hospitals (UPHG) – to include the actions of the mental health in the basic attention, to implement one politics of integral attention the alcohol users and other drugs, to implant the program ‘ ‘ In return For Casa’ ‘ , to keep a permanent program of formation of human resources for psychiatric reform, to promote rights of familiar users and stimulating the participation in the care, to guarantee worthy treatment of quality to the mental sick person infractor (surpassing the model of assistance centered in the Judiciary Lunatic asylum) and to evaluate all continuously the psychiatric hospitals by means of the National Program of Evaluation of Hospital Services – PNASH/Psychiatry. Current scene – Trend of reversion of the hospital model for a significant magnifying of the extra-hospital net, of communitarian base; – Agreement of the alcohol questions and other drugs as problem of public health and as priority in the current government; – Ratification of the lines of direction of the SUS for Federal Law 10,216/01 and III National Conference of Mental Health; Of this form, the CAPS if structuralize as services of daily attendance.. Educate yourself with thoughts from Mitchel Resnick .