The Social Sciences

For moral understand how the set of values, rules and norms that govern our behavior in a particular area which may be social, political, religious, educational, in other words, discipline, behaviors, and behaviors found in people, whether they are the rules and regulations that govern us. For example, in the act there are rules or standards of education for teachers and one of them is: get there on time to class, and it usually comes later, in this situation is immoral because it is a case contravening the rules of procedure of the school. According to different paradigms, some authors define pedagogy as knowledge, others as an art and a science, although it must be noted that currently is a debate to consider teaching as a science. The pedagogy is enhanced and its development progresses with different disciplines such as sociology, economics, anthropology, psychology, history, philosophy and medicine.

Therefore, it can be defined as a set of knowledge that apply to education as a social and specifically human phenomenon that aims to study education in order to know it, analyze it and improve it. The idea of training comes from the Greek culture of the seventeenth century with the term Bildunf, who has left us Gogke Greek philosophers like Hegel and Fichte. The context on I get why this concept, the Bildunf is linked with the term culture. Completing the seventeenth century, intellectuals opted for the formation of a German nation, political unit, knowing, knowledge that leads to thinking how to build a Germany that at the time was not formed or create unified and under the principles.