The Personal Sales

Each one of them can observe the reactions of other well of close. b) Deepening: the personal sales derived from interpersonal relationship, since the simple professional relationship of sales or until a personal friendship. c) Reply: the personal sales make with that the purchaser if feels, in certain way, debtor to after buy to hear the argument of the salesman. The Personal Sales are characterized by Churchill (2000) as the communication face the face, the telephone, fax, computer or any another way that makes possible a personal interaction with the customer, beyond making possible that the communication is adjusted to satisfy the necessities of the situation. The representative of the company can in accordance with adapt the message or presentation of sales the necessity of the situation.

He can receive immediate feedback from the process and corrigiz it, if still in time necessary. In the personal sales to the objections they can be answered at the moment where they appear, thus helping it to awake the desire of the consumers for the purchase of the product (WOOLS HOUSES, 1997). Thus, Lamb (2004) writes that in the Communications of Marketing all the elements (personal sales, advertising, promotion of sales and propaganda) must be lined up, and thus, transmitting one same message (or concept). 6.2.6 Direct marketing For Kotler and Keller (2006), all the forms of direct marketing? direct mail, telemarketing, marketing for the Internet? they possess three characteristics in common: ) Personalized: the message can be prepared to attract the person to who is addressed; b) Brought up to date: the message can be prepared quickly; c) Interactive: the message can be modified, depending on the reply of the person. Sampaio (1999) complements that the Direct Marketing is the sales of any product or done service directly through the propaganda of direct reply, saw announcements, brochures, letters, commercial, telephone or another part/media, without it has physical intervention of salesmen, representatives or retailers.