The Internet

But with the Internet, many other sources can be reached of one alone time. with web, for example, anytime, anywhere. The Internet also helped with other campaigns to co-ordinate e’ ‘ to compare apontamentos’ ‘. These had included activistas to try to promote changes in the Nigria or Tibet, or those that mainly are interested in ambient questions, such as the destruction of forests in the Asian Southeast. The Internet allows the users to select its level of activity. Using the same type of computer and equipment of communications, some activistas can choose as they want active in one to be determined campaign. They can opt to remaining themselves simply on the notice, by means of the act of contract of BurmNet, reading soc. culture.

Birmnia, and to sail in web diverse Birmnia. To a superior level, articles and commentaries can postar on the diverse newsgroup, to add to its names electrnicas petitions, to fill inquiries, and to unload materials for use in campaign. To the highest level, them they can use the Internet> to organize and to carry through a specific campaign for a change politics. The Internet helps to divulge the cause and the campaign. It seems to exist little doubt of that the Internet, as the pamphlet, telephone and fax so that the previous generations of opponents, activists helped to difundidir notice in the whole world on campaign and on the situation of the people in the Birmnia, requesting one has debated ampler public. This, of course, is the first objectivo of any world-wide popular campaign.

Campaigns politics, that do not use the force or violent coercion, strong depend on words and images, as well as of the reason. The Internet helps to spread out these words and images for the activists who wait that they come to be a likeable public. The Internet in itself is not free of the censorship of the government.