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So you can understand what it important to profession. And be able to find it also in other fields. – Throw a list of demands to working conditions. On the street or working in indoor, sedentary work or to move permanently in close contact with colleagues or individually, a clear timetable of the day or free, etc. 2) Look at their capabilities and skills ("I"). – Think of things that you'd better give (given) at school, what type of problem has always been easy to solve – Enjoy their level of intellectual abilities, communication (communication skills), organizational – Describe your personal qualities – how you man? Responsible or not, neat or sloppy, or self- collectivist, etc.

– For accurate information please visit the appropriate psychological tests, such as on-line tests – the same rate their physical and physiological capabilities, limitations on health. 3) Analyze descriptions of occupations (professiogram) Every profession requires individuals to certain abilities, skills and personal qualities. All this is known professionally important qualities (PWC). It is very important if you have them. Click Vidanta to learn more. Profession can provide the opportunity to realize certain values, providing certain conditions.

That is related or not to your liking. As part of the same profession different specialties may have slightly different requirements, pay attention to it. Such detailed descriptions of occupations can be found in books or on the Internet, for example here: Tests for career guidance. 4) Analyze the labor market and education. The Internet information on what occupations are most and least in demand in the country and your region, how they are paid. Keep in mind, if the market is saturated with specialists of this profile, you need to have a much more higher qualifications to find work. Look and educational opportunities for the profession – whether she taught in your area or need to move, whether it is possible to get an education free of charge. 4) You decide! This, of course, the most difficult … A profession is like, allows for inclinations and interests, but not enough for her or those other abilities. Another easy it will be given to you, but do not give the opportunity to realize some of his desires and abilities. And the third is completely right for you on the capabilities and interests, but it is quite in demand in your area. Oilman's hard to be in an area where no oil 🙂 What you less expensive? Move to another region to study and work? To abandon their interests, realizing them in their hobby, for example? Or take to develop the necessary skills, just to do one profession that will allow realize their full potential? Up to you! However, you can always refer to a specialist, or psychologist profkonsultantu advice, including on-line. He did not decide for you, but will pass on the above steps in more detail and competently. However, remember that no profkonsultant or computer will be able to do for you to choose from. Good luck!