The Institution

The bandwidth problem is that networks are limited in terms of the amount of traffic that can withstand. ICU network is the most important service because it supports e-mail, chat, Internet connection, etc. Bandwidth is closely related with the bitrate and the transmission speed. The bitrate is not more than the bit rate, i.e. the amount of bit sent in a unit of time, this feature is often mitigated with the use of video codec and audio that deleted information on images and still does not infringe on the quality of the video because these changes are imperceptible to the human eye. Transmission speed depends no doubt on bandwidth and the cup of bit which is sending. Multicast is the ideal solution for live streaming, because in this way packages are sent to certain special addresses that belong to specific multicast groups.

These packets are sent to the address multicast network and from here are sent to different members of the group, who recognize the packages that are of interest and accept them. (3). A multicast group topology resembles a tree with the source data as a primary node and branches reaching every Member of the group. A router or router is present in the point in which a branch is divided into others. The role played by these devices is the copy or replicate these packages when it passes by two or more interfaces on their way to reach members of the group. (4). In the ICU, multicast is deployed using IGMP to carry out the above-mentioned operations that compose it and make it usable in any environment where is going to use multicast. As routing protocol has been chosen PIM DM, the density is determined taking into account the amount of computers with multicast enabled in comparison with the total number of computers on the institution. It is the more employed worldwide routing protocol either in his sparse or dense mode.