The Government

The thing comes to us by the electoral computer theme. Remember that the captahuellas made its inaugural appearance and their work during the Revocatorio of the year 2004 and ensured the continuity of the regime. I have impression that the opposition is not weighted uncomfortable the seriousness of this matter in depth. We have still time to act and enforce all necessary technical guarantees that respect the secrecy of the vote and electoral notebook will not disappear. The technical Commission recently appointed by the Unit table must explain to us to all Venezuelans, both to those who we know of the technical subject, to those who don’t know, different proposals negotiated with the Government so that Venezuelans can have security and the assurance that there will not be any disruption in the process and the votes are counted as they should count, without disturbances.

Unfortunately I have not yet seen any pronouncement of the MUD in the direction of categorically rejecting the dematerialization of Electoral notebook. It seems that they have not given importance and the Government and the CNE have advanced in that claim. Much yet for the elections but they must begin to publicly discuss the implications of this new proposal of the CNE. The Government always tends to recede when public opinion heats and they have no arguments to sustain an action. We must begin to alert the public about this deviation from the process, as indeed I begin to do from here. And although the CNE is imposed on the purchase of your new machines and new technological procedures, the technical representatives of the opposition will then have the very serious responsibility to alert us of all the real implications for new Government skipping out with theirs, and propose a technical course of action to safeguard our rights. Again, anything that makes the CNE technically may be neutralised with security being present in all tables of parties and civil society representatives, and auditing what has to audit, there is no other warranty.

If we are not at all the tables the length and breadth of the country, technically will prevail and anything you invent with these new machines certainly us desfavorecera. One thing is certain: If Chavez does not have the votes on the street, can be confident that will take them into the machines. And they already know that they do not have them in the street and it’s our challenge which, if this is the case, nor have them on machines.