The Cancellation

I’ve been more than 30 minutes with this topic and see so far I’m starting. When I’m ready to take note of the requirements, this agent again asks me my data, address, etc. From one moment to another tells me; Mr. XX, it turns out that you are created in our system as person legal (company) and not as natural person, which is what we manage. This process another area of our company handles it. Please wait in the line for 2 to 3 minutes to be served by the business area. Like hell I created as a company?, then, in that moment of high effervescence and warmth, something of lucidity I still have and is when I definitely reconfirmo that everything is part of the business process called abuse process and softening of customers who believe that they can cancel their contract.

And I’m going for one hour in this process. Again 10 minutes listening to its magnificent messages and another agent (you can keep track of how many agents carry, I already lost count) I respond, with its bland greeting message and asks me what I need. Again to tell the whole story. Data asks me again, I questioned on the reasons for the cancellation, makes me feel guilty and a bad person trying to do this and finally and thankfully, gives me the instructions to do the cancellation. It turns out that everything that I have said by phone, from more than one month ago to all these agents with whom I have spoken, I play I write it in a letter and send it by Fax. But before, I have to wait in line (guess how many minutes. very well!, are already learning the) procedure), because I will give my application filing number and this has to be in the letter.