Telephone Conversations

In recent years, many firms offer information about your product or service on their websites. This information is designed for large volumes of visitors on the site. The user is coming to the site list goods and services, their description and to determine the choice to order. Despite the move technology forward, and development of the Internet, it is still the main method of buyer-seller communication is the phone. This means that the telemarketing, call centers will demand a very long time. At the time of the conversation with a customer call center operator becomes the main and sole representative of the company.

She hands him a representative function, and it creates in the mind of the consumer opinion about the company and ultimately affects the decision, whether to resort to its services. As in the course of conversation to form a positive emotional attitude to the client company and its services? To which he first drew attention, talking on the phone with a representative of the company? By the nature of the call center have to deal with these issues every day. The main task of the call Center – to form positive attitude of consumers to companies and their services, to stimulate sales growth and attract new customers. The first thing that attracts attention – there was no or spontaneous sympathy for the customer call center operator. It is perceived intuitively, and is formed in the first few seconds of conversation. Through personal contact between people feeling sympathy is called getting friendly momentum on several channels: In addition to the content of speech, the interlocutor, we draw attention to his appearance, bearing, gestures, facial expressions.