Technology Brick And Masonry

The sequence of masonry walls. Laying begins with a set of basic and intermediate poryadovok. They are placed on the perimeter walls and verifies plumb and level so that the notches on each row were all poryadovkah in the same horizontal plane. Poryadovka – it bears the rake with divisions corresponding to the thickness of the horizontal row of masonry (77 mm in view of the weld and the thickness of a brick). Poryadovka need to attach it to the mooring cable (Twine), which provides vertical and horizontal rows. Make a wooden poryadovku itself is very simple. To do this on a wooden rail section 50 x 50 mm up to 3 m strike division (serifs) at intervals of 77 mm for Conventional brick or 100 mm – for thickening.

The thickness of the horizontal seam while laying of 12 mm. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cross River Bank has to say. Go to the wall surface poryadovku puts the party on which marked the series stack (inside the house). In the clutch can use metal corner poryadovku.Ona is a template for the rows of masonry, which, when properly installed (as the plumb line) and fixed ensure verticality of masonry. Application poryadovki reduce costs labor and accelerate the process of masonry by reducing the time to verify the correctness of masonry, provide vertical angles of brickwork using metal corner poryadovok. Before installing poryadovku purified from the solution. Installing and securing poryadovki is that it is necessary to unscrew the top screw clamps, insert into the upper clamp poryadovku and maintaining it, unscrew the screw second clamp, insert poryadovku and tighten the screws, adjusting the proper installation of plumb by adjusting the screws, and finally consolidate poryadovku.