The computer is an essential part of almost all of the activities that comprise our everyday life, and therefore while we remain in these instruments can bring to us important repercussions, not just muscle, but also mental level. The computer because it is an element static or monotonous requires important repetitions in various movements, this achieving affect different parts of our body like wrists and fingers causing the appearance of evils such as development of carpal tunnel and arthritis, and various problems to level articulate. On the other hand remain in constant eye contact with the screen or computer monitor can bring with it not only effects of both mental and physical fatigue in the eye area, but also important problems that if they are not well taken into account can become important ocular pathologies such as myopia and blurred vision among other effects. Another important element to mention and to take into account when we work in computers, they are emotional burdens, because so do not create this play a fundamental role at the moment cause some discomfort for us as back pain and headaches, that on certain occasions can be converted in migraine headaches or migraines in the worst cases. Speaking of the inconveniences generated by constant work in computers we cannot side problems physical, since to remain immobile can mean for us headaches not only lumbar, but others such as spasms and cramps. It is very indicated mention that remain in that State also may cause evils such as fluid retention and circulatory problems among others equally noteworthy. As we observed earlier, computers although they have meant an increase in performance for us and although they may provide us with various activities, are also shown as possibly the greater cause of labor ills, however this as any evil can be avoided if you follow some simple and beneficial recommendations such as: stop occasionally and do simple stretching exercises prevents the emergence of evils joint, muscle and mental, not to mention that this in turn helps to keep our circulation well.

Work in comfortable seats and in the proper position can mean for us a significant decrease in the appearance of evils such as lower back pains and joint. Keep lenses fitted for monitors is a very good recommendation, because this addition to diminish the presence of annoying visual fatigue, helps to improve our productive capabilities. Another excellent very appropriate recommendation can be given is to avoid to the maximum stay still for periods of time longer than 30 minutes, as so to avoid build-up problems in large part of liquid. While doctors and experts perform other important recommendations, those mentioned above are possibly the most recognized today thanks to its effectiveness. Finally can say that the best advice can be given to decrease the occurrence of some annoying evils as previously highlighted, is maintaining a balanced life rich in areas such as nutrition and exercise.