the number of users that can be connected. EJ. MaxUser = 20 only 20 users connected at most. Password sets the password with which we connect to SHOUTCast DNAS. EJ.Password = myKey PortBase indicates the port number through which we connect to our SHOUTCast DNAS server, default is port 8000 although you can specify any other. EJ. PortBase = 8000 ShowLastSongs this option allows us to see the number of played songs from the current one, when you access the SHOUTCast DNAS server with a browser, the form, this later.

EJ. ShowLastSongs = 15 SrcIP specifies the IP address that connects to our server to transmit (we’ll see this later), it usually has the value ANY, so we can connect from any PC to our SHOUTCast DNAS server. EJ. SrcIP = 127. 0. 0. 1 (can only connect from the local PC, i.e., from where they have the SHOUTCast DNAS server). DestIP this option serves to establish by that ip address issue, i.e., if we put the value will not transmit more than to our own PC, so it is advisable to leave it like this, in the value ANY.

EJ. DestIP = ANY (the users can connect to any ip address that we we possess). Yport option which helps us to connect and a full list of our radio station on directory to connect us to our SHOUTCast DNAS server, the default is port 80, but for those people behind a proxy at your ISP, you should establish port to 666. EJ. Yport = 666 (we connect to the Internet under a proxy server on our ISP). Note: If we are in an Intranet, not we list us on directory, besides that we can neither transmit towards the Internet, only in our local network. NameLookups if we have an own server with domain name in our PC, to activate this option (1), users can access our station in the way, by default this value is 0.