DNA Emotional

It is the ability of transcendence, of going beyond the biophysical and social, beyond the body and the emotions. Opera with the eye of contemplation is a transpersonal intelligence because it is situated beyond the narcissistic ego. Operates with universal vision. If you are not convinced, visit Julie Sweet. It is transracional, not limited to mechanical instrumental rationality of science. The only one that can give spiritual meaning to life, i.e. is generating transcendent meaning to live, feed the integrity of our consciousness. Other intelligences and two lower levels can not do this. It is also the ability to interact harmoniously with the whole, being related to the whole, is the ability of not because of the circumstances but despite them being happy.

Also, notes (Gallegos, 2006) that spiritual intelligence is the most important of the intelligences, which is one level higher emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences and which is exclusively human. Adds that while animals and computer samples evidence of emotional, intellectual, spiritual intelligence intelligence is human exclusivity, neither machines nor animals have spiritual intelligence nor can develop. Emotional intelligence is rooted in our biophysical body, depends on our instincts, feelings, impulses, hormones, etc., it aims to give an acceptable emotional response to a particular situation. Animals also show emotional intelligence. To catch their prey, a tiger needs to be silent, waiting for the opportunity, postpone the satisfaction, attack at the right time, in synthesis, control their emotions; emotional intelligence does not ask why? For Dr. Ramon Gallegos, spiritual intelligence is the last and highest intelligence, which allows us to insert our life in a universal context and the only one that allows us to be happy.

Gaming Complex

Going for a walk in the yard of his house, the adults think of as well sit on the bench, get some air, read a book or magazine. But the kids – the people active. They need to roll down a hill and, on the bar and hang, and the ball play. Multifunction compact and safe sports and gaming complex is a favorite game of your baby. It was a baby yard site is the first acquaintance of the child to the sport, with their peers. Now often complain that today's children are physically well developed, that physical activity they prefer sitting next to computer screens and televisions. And what can they do if they just in the courts with nothing to do and nowhere to play? Sport and gaming complex will ensure harmonious physical development, coordination and a fun game for your kid wakes his imagination, will give a lot of laughter and joy. Sport and gaming complex is strong and robust construction, made of lightweight and durable plastic, bright saturated colors, metal and water-resistant plywood.

Sport and gaming complex is suitable for installation on any surface. Our sports and playing facilities are resistant to temperature, chemical attack, has a surface abrasion resistance, unique fasteners that do not allow to disassemble with no special equipment tools, thus providing additional anti-vandal protection design. Modular technology used in production, allows the customer to easily plan and design these facilities. Parents well aware that it is better to see your child playing on the playground near the house than to think and wonder where he will climb again. Remember that children – our future, and part of their childhood is being held outdoors, so it is very important in what kind of environment they will grow and develop. Not least in all of this is the courtyard, in which we live.

And the playground in the backyard. What should be a playground? Comprehensive and fenced, child to play for fun, while parents watch him calmly, without fear that it will fall with a broken slides or falls under a car in pursuit of the ball. The firm "Slavic Theme" will comprehensively equip Your yard at your request any equipment, including sports and gaming systems. Sports and play complex may include slides, wall bars, horizontal bars, basketball boards, wall climbing with holes various shapes, rope ladders, vines, rings, swings and other devices. Today, a number of our products are widely represented: swing, sports and playgrounds, sandboxes, slides, sports equipment, children's play and playgrounds, a carousel, swings, climbers, play houses, children playing shape, hockey boxes, volleyball and basketball courts, etc. During our activity We successfully carried out supply of sports and gaming complexes in many state, municipal and commercial organizations. Production of children's sports and gaming facilities, the construction of athletic fields – our specialization.