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Torrent. This file contains the url or address tracker, through which it spreads, as well as general information about the uploaded file (name, size, etc.) and other technical data. Such files or links to them can be freely distributed, for example – flat out Web servers, posted on home pages, sent via email, posted on blogs and so on. Create a torrent file and put it on his torrent tracker any user can then start distributing the file itself. As in any other p2p network, torrents do not like freeloaders or leechers who want as much as possible to download anything without giving.

Most of the Russian torrent trackers are designed so that for every registered user there is a rating. Value loaded and downloaded you should not be less than a certain rate, or administrators can prevent you login to the site. But There are torrent trackers, where registration is optional, so you can download and distribute as much as necessary. Especially those sites a lot in the overseas segment of the Internet. Yet on a torrent, as in other p2p network is like an unwritten rule: download yourself, let me download another. Simply put, decent users tend not to stop distributing the downloaded file, and continue to give away (or sidirovat) as long as possible. In many programs to work with torrents is a function of the speed limit distribution. In most cases, users are advised not to use this feature, but if you are not too powerful channel, torrent client it can be very load, making it difficult to get online with other applications.

Personally, I would advise to use the automatic upload speed limiting, for example, the program Torrent. When using it, and the channel is not heavily loaded, and download speed is normal, and the distribution goes as expected, that is rating on the torrent tracker is not reduced. Just for that would keep the normal indices ranking, I would advise to keep on hand a certain the number of files and distribute them, even when you do not download. Well, of course, you should have unlimited internet, with byte-oriented payment to work with torrents is not meaningful due to large volumes of traffic. Resources So, with programs and principles of the protocol we understand, is to understand how to find torrent files. To read more click here: Vidanta. This can be done with the help of ordinary search engines, for example – enter the name, say you're interested in film and append the word torrent. As of bourgeois Internet search engines are special sites on the torrent, such as Mininova or the same The Pirate Bay. There you can find almost anything, the only negative you will be hard to find films in Russian. For these purposes it is best to use the Russian-speaking Torrent trackers, such as Kinozal.Tv Well, perhaps that's all. You just choose the right program and start using the torrents that are actually not as difficult as it seems.

Torrent Downloads

Invented many ways to download large files from the Internet. You can of course download movie parts from rapidshary, but it's not always convenient for several reasons. Much more convenient to use P2P (peer that feast) networks, but here again, there are options. Of particular popularity has long won protocol torrent. Advanced users who download and giving out gigabytes of data in such networks may not be reading this article. It is for those who do not know what a torrent, but wants this learn.

Network Protocol torrent, to be exact-BitTorrent was created by programmer Bram Cohen in 2001. The basic principle of this protocol is that the files in it are transferred parts, and every torrent-client, receiving either of these part, at the same time give or swap them with other clients. In the smart user manuals written that it 'reduces the burden and dependence on each client's source and provides data redundancy. " Will not go into technical details, it is still unclear there is nothing, except to say that as a result download speed of files downloaded through torrents, is in direct proportion to the number of people rocking this file. But Moreover, unlike other P2P-networks, it does not fall, and vice versa – is increasing. This means that you will not have to queue for several days in E-Mule, or wait, when the network will be a person with the desired part nedokachannye file. For downloading via torrents, you must install on your computer one of the special programs, go to a special site, or the so-called torrent tracker, and add to the list of downloads link to the file you want.


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