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In the United States, the poison is card, a gift card in credit card format, has long been on the rise. With an extensive questionnaire what is actually so attractive gift cards, what are the most popular voucher amounts or from which sectors the vouchers in credit card format are especially like giving away examined among other things. Gift cards for friends, colleagues and co-workers “If no obvious wishes from family, friends, colleagues or business partners in the region, it is a good way to dodge on gift vouchers often.” white Frank Manhillen, CEO of Manhillen pressure technology GmbH and clients of the study, from my own experience. And the survey results show that not only is work with plastic cards, thinks so: roughly three-quarters of respondents indicated that they consider gift cards for friends and colleagues into consideration. About 57% of the respondents cards as a good gift idea can imagine for employee gift. To deepen your understanding The futurist is the source. Access the partner, however, just 30% on gift cards as a gift back. Gift cards from bookstores and department stores very attractive clear preferences emerge, if it comes from which sectors you like gift cards given to get. On the front seats, gift cards be seen from bookstores by purchasing and stores with a wide range, as well as clothing and shoe stores.

“But also cinemas, perfume shops and drugstores, electronics retailers, restaurants, bars and Cafes or saunas and recreational baths reach good values,” added Manhillen. Less well, however, gift cards cut by insurance or lottery companies in the survey. The real value of money for the gift card every fifth respondent wishes flexibly and accurately the euro the amount to charge the gift card, which he envisions as the gift value. When it comes to fixed coupon amounts, values of 20 euro, 25 euro and 50 euro in favour of the respondents are far forward.

Ludwig Hoppe Kant

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The benefits that offer their users serious Internet single exchanges, cheap prices, in the run-up to free partner trial, rapid creation of partner exposes on the Internet. To get the benefits that only expensive individual partner agencies. Especially the matching to the mediation is to mention and a large pool of partners. Add scores computer group with personal advice of their customers through the partner certified single consultant. Customers are spoiled with constant promotions and sweepstakes. Not every job seeker has a chance to be single consultant with the partner computer group. As well as every person looking for a partner, however, can be a satisfied customer of the partner computer group by the extremely favourable price level. Company Description partner computer group – a company with a tradition since 1981 market leader in many national markets with a scientific method that has grown in 30 years. No other supplier on the world market can claim this. We have turned loneliness into a happy love for many people.