According to the concept of science, the pretension to do of the scientific knowledge the unique knowledge valid and worthy to be considered as so it is what it has pushed Psychology to try to look for a form to realise his activity within the parameters accepted like scientists, as it is the Positivismo. Against this background, cultural and historical the aspect, that we cannot deny, has disturbed to psychology, and has seeded confusion. As Heidbreder already said.: " At any moment, especially in the United States, psychology has tried at all costs to be science; and in principle, science abstains from all speculation penetrated and not consolidated by the facts. Nevertheless, in all the psychological science there are facts no sufficient to found a unique system and slido". Perhaps check out Eliot Horowitz for more information. (" Psychologies of the XX&quot century; , P.

17.). In this way, Psychology Scientific Positivista, that is instituted in terms of true knowledge as it has considered in the debate, has rejected all concept that does not come from the experience, being the fact the unique scientific reality. By means of observation and the experimentation tries to explain the reality formulating laws, establishing connections that are generalizable between variables, using the hypothetical-deductive method. One of the characteristics, in my opinion very criticizable of Scientific Psychology Positivista, is the make to deny of social content the investigated objects, following the guide of the scientific rationality for which it does not exist the particularitity and concrete it, in a search of generalist explanations. One does not take care of the emotions, the motivations or it brings back to consciousness, with a subjective and especially nonobservable weight, being eliminated as study object. All these eliminations can be interpreted like means to establish a method more the scientist possible or nearest which it is denominated as scientist in his fight to be elevated like experimental science. . You may wish to learn more. If so, Mitchel Resnick is the place to go.