The secret area one of the most powerful terms used in world sport for decades is the mental state known as ‘the zone’. This is the mental state that produces super-human performance, and winning streaks. Any tennis player who is in this state of mind is virtually invincible in their respective level of competence. A player who is in the area experienced an unusual feeling of power without effort, thus allowing them to feel as if your racket and his body are driven by an engine with turbocharger, and found his body gliding through the Court and hitting with impressive power and minimum effort. How strange this is this powerful performance feel as if it is being controlled by the player of truth! In fact, often say you they feel as if they were not responsible for some of the incredible in all scenes as if your body is being guided and directed by a force more powerful (and this is exactly what is happening). Almost all players at some point in his career have experienced this feeling, to some extent, and then wondering how did that? Even at the initial stage in which players seek to learn tennis and they are still taking classes in tennis, with a teacher or a school of tennis, you can see shots or streaks that appear to exceed the ability of these beginners.

This is the mystery that surrounds the area why it seems so fleetingly, and then disappear as quickly as it arrived? And above all why not we can access it all the time? What is that force that guides our body when he hit an incredible shot? The answer is that the sleeping giant that resides within all humans the mind and the subconscious, the source of all body movement that also saves all the memories of the past and tennis experience. When a player entering this state of the zone, your conscious mind becomes silent and this allows that his subconscious reach a system to run its automatically, similar to a computer. Thus bumps, movements and reactions that could never be achieved way can be aware. So, how enter the zone? Each must find the method that best suits your needs, but there are simple techniques that may cause a concentration and a State that takes you to enters the area automatically. The area is actually a tricky concept but is of utmost importance to learn how to get into it, because this guaranteed that we will have our best game if we are in this area. To clarify a little more let me give you an example.

Have you ever noticed when someone makes an extremely fast serve and his opponent simply reacts automatically and makes a phenomenal return? And on the other hand you see the same situation, but this time the throw-off is slow. Here the opponent has more time, what causes that he has the opportunity of thinking and doubting and eventually increases the possibility of making a bad selection of shots. There are many techniques to enter the zone and maximize your concentration.