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South America

Imagine them with supernatural gifts, back to primitive man a god or simply bring forward the stadium. Similarly if you give him a number of powers. Would initiate later than proposed. Most of the authors attempt to generalize to primitive man, which does not take into account such an animal is developing in different ways. Since not all animals had the same environmental conditions and environment, example: in Egypt could make the conference an element useful, which had not been so useful in South America. Especially if we consider that our lands have an amazing thicket.

Some places that were much more spacious, enabling its inhabitants to develop a series of techniques and knowledge. Already out of sheer necessity, by chance, or gift from God. Meanwhile, other places much more dense jungles, forests and other surrounded by a large number of rivers and water did, that these animals remain more attached to nature. And do not try to modify it the same way, simply adapted to the conditions they offer the latter. However, the most primitive man forced to form individual imaginary, was the principle of necessity inherent in self-preservation. Since the first men, they supplied only their needs.

Perhaps some of them spent more on high and low places. And with regard to the temperature of these environments are developing their bodies. One of the most successful steps that could development of primitive man, was finding self-preservation in droves. Chances are that at some point felt cornered and on the verge of extinction.