Networks more modern they have two channels and transmitted in different directions by each of them. We can currently find this environment in networks Token Ring of IBM. This type of network allows you to increase or decrease the number of computers without difficulty, but it increases the flow of information, the response speed of the network will be less. A failure in a station can leave locked network, but a failure in a communication channel will leave it locked in its entirety, being difficult to locate failure. This type of computer network star network topology is the oldest. All the workstations are connected directly to the server and all communications to be done necessarily through him.

This topology method enables you to add or remove machines easily. If a failure occurs in any of the stations, do not affect the general functioning of the network, but if the server fails, the entire network will come down. The cost and implementation of this type of computer network is expensive due to the large amount of wiring and the complexity of its structure. Star/bus topology in this topology are combined two network types mentioned above. A multiplexer for signal occupies the place of the central computer of the configuration in Star, while certain workstations connected to it, and others connected by bus with multiplexers. This type of network provides advantages in buildings that they have working groups separated by large distances. As you’ve seen, there are different types of networks to link computers, workstations, servers and other computer and network elements. Depending on the type of company or company, we can find a system or another.