A Good Store Of Clothes

Well they are come to the future, to acquire articles for you drink in the current days, you are gostoso and interactive, macacozinhos, footwear, enxovais, kits for cradles among others, are now, easily found direct of telinha of its computer. It is very important to discover as soon as possible, if he is boy or girl, therefore to leave to buy the enxoval and articles of first necessity in the last minute, can become a great migraine. For the afobados papayas and papas more than they want to buy the first parts, they look to use products unissex or accessories that if adjust to any one of the sexos. Better still, for if dealing with companies online, these virtual commerce offer imbatveis prices, with the same conditions of perfection and guarantee of a street store. Beyond the price much more in account, the baby companies on-line, tend will offer a bigger diversity to it of products for its son. These comparisons will not be detailed in this article, but we could enumerate hundreds of advantages when compared the physical store.

A good store of clothes of drinks on-line, offers to a great variety of clothes and accessories. You can find diverse drawings, styles and colors. With an enormous variety of prints, the navigation for these store becomes pleasant, therefore as it does not have the necessity of being followed by all the store for a salesman, the freedom is bigger to choose the will and to look at all the parts that to find interesting. If treating to roupinhas for girls, the most found they are the vestidinhos of lacinhos, incomes, dribbled and ribbons and is clearly, the classic macacozinho. Passing to the babies boys, the same thing, beyond the primordial one demanded for enxovais, clothes and intens. of first necessity, also we count on many exclusive accessories for leaves its baby in fashion.

Mathematical Education

Endorsed in authors as Pablo Freire (1998), Pretto (1999), Blacksmith (1997), Anastcio (1993), Ernest (1991), Ubiratan D' Ambrsio (1986, 1990, 2001), Vygotsky (1984), among others, we have a qualitative bibliographical research. This type of research, not in giving only one good theoretical support to them, but assists in the determination of the objectives, in the construction of hypotheses, the recital of the justification, the choice of the subject and the Final elaboration of the Consideraes. According to Gil (1994, P. 71): ' ' the main advantage of the bibliographical research inhabits in the fact to allow to the investigator the covering of a much more ample gamma of phenomena of what that one that could search diretamente' '. After that, a study of the main points of the theories partner-interacionistas and analysis of the thought of its main theoreticians and the main educational ideas on the paper of the school according to these theories. Finally, to proceed to a comparative study enters the main ideas of these authors, presenting the results and taken off conclusions, as well as searching a position concerning these theories, expressing some consideraes and conceptions acquired in elapsing of the work on the education of the Mathematics and the Mathematical Education.

3 WHAT IT IS TECHNOLOGY? It can be said that the technology is the set of theories and techniques that allow the practical use of the scientific knowledge. Also it is applied to the process through which the men develop tools and machines to increase its control and understanding of the half material. Looking at intently to our redor, we see a great variety of objects and constructed machines to take care of to the necessities or to decide problems.It is difficult to imagine a world without houses, cars or television.All these devices are the result of the progress and the development of the technology.


More than what the simple fusing of the words Social Nets with E-Commerce, Social is the fusing between these two concepts. In it, what one searchs is the use of the social nets with the objective to get commercial transactions. The responsible professional for Social must be a person integrated with the company, knowledge on the products and the market where the same one acts, and slight knowledge of relationship between customers and company, beyond experience with the universe of the social nets and web. Generally, agencies of digital marketing and companies who work with the development of sites possess these professionals. The main existing social nets in the world, such as the Facebook, Orkut, Twitter and YouTube, if had transformed into important ways of spreading of products.

more than what this, today these nets are half so that the people can get positive and negative information on products and companies. is exactly in this field that Social must operate. The function of Social is to involve the people with the products of a company, and with the proper company, searching always the propagation of correct information you enter the members of the social medias where it acts. The success of this commerce is on to the good management of these relations, that when managed well, they increase the possibilities of the services of a company to have good evaluation. One gives credit that the future of Social is promising in the next years. According to research of the Booz & Co, consultoria company, in 2015, the prescriptions proceeding from Social must jump for 30 billion dollar in the planet. even so this is only one research, it serves to illustrate the panorama that this sector will be able to have in the future. Therefore it is good for remaining itself informed and visible in the social nets daqui for front. It is prepared!