This tutorial explains how to start the computer in mode safe (waterproof fault) in windows xp. mode approves fault is used to diagnose problems of the computer, to install and uninstall programs, where a virus or spyware attack your computer, or for any modifications you want to make to the registry, etc. All programs must be closed click Start and click Run type MSCONFING, here click OK (enter). Displays the unit of configuration of the system click where it says BOOT. INI, das here click on /SAFEBOOT and if you have internet brand network and clicking OK will appear the message if you want to restart, you must restart it. And after restarted you will see the following message.

To continue with the safe mode click Yes, if you prefer to use restore to return your computer settings to a previous state do not click. Here you have to give if continue to safe mode then appears you approved mode screen fault. To return to normal mode, follow all the steps of new, but deselect the /SAFEBOOT checkbox or the checkbox start NORMAL load all drivers of devices and services. And it confirms that you restart your computer and thus go back to normal mode.