Backing Up Data

Computers have long since ceased to be extraordinary devices that are found except in specialized factories and research laboratories. It is even difficult to determine how far improved information technology. But it is clear one – because a substantial majority of the population dopensionnogo – especially urban – uses computers and other high-tech devices for preserving and transferring data, then the problem is actually the most savings collections of information also appears much felt. Believe that having the information, owns the world. And indeed such a statement close to reality. This is especially true of information of economic and industrial species.

But even the "death" a personal laptop can give the owner a lot of bitter moments. Not to mention this, that and the home photos, and videos, and a bunch of other cute little things that can be seen on a personal laptop or flash drive, lose very joyless. In this situation urgently requires an expert recovery raid array. And it is not trivial preservation of information, although it is very important. Significantly, to the extent it turns out, of course, to keep any media information on the whole state. Often, because of MFP or laptop corny man begins to get used to. Still, not every company can not only open accidentally deleted data, but at the same time and immediately fix a broken source of information.

So look for a company that does a repair hard drives have to be very serious and carefully. However, it is, of course, will depend on the value of information. Need to keep in mind, which does not in any way repair the source of information promise real experts. In order to initially guaranteed by low quality and amateurish, literacy only in the first place to clarify several important aspects. First of all, the ability to access client to the master, who will deal with the return information. If accepting orders – only manager to work with clients or simple inspector – could be good enough. For example, it would be difficult to figure out the price in advance of repair. Valuable as the periods of performance measures. For example, in order to non-functional test support, as a rule rather somewhere thirty minutes. And often enough to repair a couple of days. Of course, if the damage is not extremely serious. However, it should say master in the beginning obrabatyvaniya assignment. In the same way as the sum of your order must be determined initially. Naturally, we should not think that the complete restoration of lost data and the most media- can do inexpensively. However, one should not forget that the estimated cost of measures to repair is very rarely more than fifteen thousand. In another case, it is likely that your repair is elementary seek podhalturit.

Computer Services

Computer services – this is the direction in IT services, which sooner or later have to address any user computer systems. Be it a home user who uses a personal computer or laptop for entertainment, learning, information retrieval, or business owner that uses a sophisticated computer system to build and accounting business processes, storage of the history of customer requests, storing the history document management, accounting and other zadach.Kompyuternaya system, like any other, requires a periodic routine maintenance and troubleshoot it crashes. However, maintenance of computers somewhat different from other service equipment. First and foremost by the fact that computer – a complex, integrated system of hardware and software systems, which includes many components, algorithms, their interaction, policy access, and data interfaces between them. That is why, the problem computer service, especially in the business sector, where performance of a computer network often depends on efficiency of enterprises, it is necessary to impose on professional engineers. Such specialists are a great experience with a variety of computer systems, along with extensive theoretical knowledge in the principles of processing, storage and communication, modern software and hardware, the principles of construction, operation and development of information sistem.Zadachi Computer Support can be divided into two large groups.

This routine maintenance tasks, audit, service support and resolve problems sboev.K problems on computers is planned maintenance audit IT system or enterprise software and hardware of a specific computer or laptop. Installing the operating system (often install Windows), choose an appropriate set of software. Identify vulnerabilities in the system of information security, computer hardware systems, software systems is a priority in setting IT system maintenance.


Due to the reduction of cost of computer technology in general, and the cost of laser copiers in particular, the park office equipment in Russia is growing by an average of 20-30% per year. This in turn leads to increased sales of spare parts to technology, end-of-warranty period. Interesting fact: according to researchers at 70% of the sales company specializing in the sale of spare parts for computers, account for proceeds from the sale of spare parts printing and copying equipment, and 30% on everything else, including laptops, servers, plotters. In this case, the bulk of sales of spare parts for laptops that power supplies and batteries for laptops. Least likely to order the matrix and Motherboards. This is often not a warranty repair with replacement of these parts is too expensive for the end user, in some cases comparable to buying a new laptop with similar characteristics. As for servers, and plotters, everything here is more dependent on the manufacturer, such as HP servers often bought hard drives, power supplies, batteries raid – controller and rarely some other parts.

With regards to printing technology, there are sales leaders rollers, bushing, rubber rollers, gears, Thermal. At the same time in a given category of goods there such a thing as an original and compatible parts. For example, HP does not officially sell many kinds of gears, not in his official sales and termoplenok, and bushings. Of course, if you need to replace it, you can purchase a stove or in the collection of gear. But cost of repairs at the same time will increase dramatically at times. So often employees, especially those from small service companies prefer to buy compatible parts HP. Sale of original spare parts HP, such as repair kits, fuser assemblies, gear box with or without a motor, largely accounts for the large service centers, care about the quality of its services and customer peace of mind or to the end consumer, again medium and large companies who value the quality of the leading vendors. Deficit in any spare parts in principle is not observed, except for small parts to repair equipment and cartridges, which creates a very minor inconvenience for service centers. In addition, due to the existence of all clients, their customers find products any price range.

Windows NT

Program Format removes all data from your hard drive and creates a new file allocation table files. As a result of formatting you get a completely blank disc, which will not be any viruses or programs. All clobber! And not to lose so favorite game or an important document, you should always place in advance of such data to another drive. If the operating system installed on your C: drive, place all the programs and documents on the D: or E:. If your computer has two operating systems, the Keep one on C:, the other on D:, and documents and programs on E:.

In this case, you will format the C: drive (or D:) for the subsequent installation of a operating system and disk with the document E and programs do not touch. But it is possible only when the disk is left with the documents of infected files. If the infection has penetrated the entire do and can not be contained and cleaned, have to format the drives! Here we consider the most complicated case, which occurs when the computer is infected. However, the operating system could collapse without the intervention of viruses and worms. Damaged some of the file system folder of Windows, and the computer stops booting. Or loaded, but is unstable. In order to proceed with the installation of the operating system, you will need the installation disk was packed to the archive system.

Most operating systems take up disk space 800 MB. It is not possible to place a program onto a CD without compression, that is backed up. Therefore, the system first packs (compressed) in the archive, and then recorded on a CD. When the system will need to install, First, it is copied to the hard disk in a compressed form, followed by unpacking and installing. The process of copying, unpacking and installation takes 40-60 minutes time on fast computers. Installing the operating system runs without problems in cases where all the preparatory work is done competently, knowingly, and nothing prevents the proper installation, including viruses and worms. As you know, avaricious pays twice. If you put on your computer a pirated copy of Windows, Microsoft's server load into your computer spyware module under the guise of regular free updates. This module tells you to use pirated systems and the system is blocked by 40-50th day. So buy a computer company licensed disc with the Windows operating system and get a lot of fun, as well as regular free updates to the operating system. Remember that the licensing system can be put only on one computer. It is worth to you, the goodness of his heart, set it on the computer a good friend, as you will lose the license. License disk should be kept at home with the driver and copy it to other computers impossible. As an exception, you can put this system on a computer that does not go to the Internet. Finally, the time has come when you are standing at your computer, holding the coveted drive with the operating system, which intend to establish or re establish. Install operating systems Windows 9x and Windows NT are slightly different, so let them otdelno.Nachnem to install Windows XP as the most popular at present day