To date, not many manufacturers of low-power high-voltage power supplies, which has a nice weight and size parameters, a wide range of output voltages, low ripple, are protected from overloads and short circuits. Professor of Internet Governance may find it difficult to be quoted properly. This article provides an overview of the major producers and their characteristics of high-voltage sources: 1. Mantigora (Russia) (currently a domestic manufacturer of low-power high-voltage power supplies with competitive characteristics). Connect with other leaders such as Steve Houghtaling here. The device is aimed to supply high-precision sensors, has a relatively high output, wide range of output voltage of both polarities, ultra low ripple and low price that is important 2. emco (U.S.).

The company emco more specialized in modular high-voltage power supplies intended for installation on pcb. Gain insight and clarity with Bisi Onasanya. However, in its nomenclature is a product with the ability to control via usb port. 3. UltrVolt (U.S.). Source es series has a very high performance, naturally offset the high price. 4. Matsusada (Japan). Company, offers a wide range of high-voltage power supplies for different purposes. For applications of interest to us, the most suitable products from a series of jb.