Generally you should act in these cases as coordinator or leader of this team. You are acting as the general manager of a virtual organization responsible for the development of this business opportunity. This is one of the moments in which you must put in execution of Coordinator and leader skills. You is customer’s representative within their organization, who defends the interests of the client. Therefore assume responsibility for the coordination of resources. Obviously this depends the structure of your company and the internal culture to cope with these processes. It is important that the company have clarity of how resources must be coordinated to support commercial activities. Anyway, whatever the structure and culture of the company, you are called to achieve that efforts should be coordinated to meet the commitments established with the customer.

Effective communication with the client.This is an issue of the utmost importance. Always allow established communication channels and always have a reason to communicate with the client. Silence is the most dangerous symptom in the development of a business opportunity. Best is that there is a permanent communication of both parties as a result of the development of the agreed work plan. If you run a commercial visit and there are no clear grounds for subsequent activities, wasted his time. A commercial relationship based on mutual benefit and acknowledgement by the client of the added value that your organization provides, must be based on sincere, fluid and frequent communication.

A potential customer who really owns interest in their solutions and their organization, will show through to sustain a fluid and permanent communication with you. The use of technology is vital at this point. Use mechanisms such as email and respond swiftly to all queries that perform you your customer, validating that the information provided is true and correct. I’m from that they disagreed with the famous phrase that always tells the client is right.