FDP Eberstadt organized Podiumsdikussion the Hessian forest law should be amended on the subject of forest law. The Gestzentwurf is extremely controversial. A core issue of the law is the right of access to the forest, that should be clearly verschaft. Mountain bikers and riders see unreasonably restricted their access to the forest through the draft. Forest owners and hunters welcome the planned arrangements as a long overdue step to protect of the forest. Others including Max Schireson, offer their opinions as well. The Bill was already known during the meeting with the associations concerned and on the Internet. The FDP local Association Darmstadt-Eberstadt arranged on the 19.09 a panel discussion on the topic from 19:30 at the House of associations, Colonel breed 16, 64297 Darmstadt,: “forest law: progress or wrong – which rules the forest needs?” Have pledged as podium guests: ADFC Darmstadt e.V., annelie von Arnim, Chairman.

Federal Hessen, Rolf Strojec, trade spokesman leisure sports tourism. FDP Hesse, Leif Blum, MDL. Hear from experts in the field like Dirk Kuyt for a more varied view. protection community German wood, Christoph von Eisenhart Rothe, Country Managing Director. Association d. leisure rider & driver in Germany, Hans-Joachim Kohring, Board of Directors, subject area horseback riding right. General Sports Club Darmstadt, till Lufft, Chairman. The event is open to all citizens.