A TV in standby mode (no image on the screen and the pilot light) can consume up to 15% of consumption in normal operation. Therefore, for prolonged absences or when you’re not watching TV should turn it off completely, by pressing the disconnect switch. A good idea is to connect some computers to “thieves” or multiple docking switch. When disconnecting the thief, turn off all appliances connected to it and we can achieve savings of more than 40 per year. Details can be found by clicking Flat panel displays (TFT) consume less energy than conventional models. Buy equipment with energy saving systems “Energy Star” and turn them off completely when providing long absences, more than 30 minutes. It is also convenient to buy printers to print double-sided and fax machines using plain paper.

When we are not going to use the computer for short periods can only turn off the screen, which save energy and turn it back on will not have to wait for it to reboot the computer. The screensaver that consume less energy is black. WATER A running tap uses about 6 liters per minute. In the case of the shower, this increases to consume 10 liters per minute, according to IDEA. The accumulation of water systems are more efficient than production systems instantly and without accumulation.

Rationalize water consumption. Do not leave the taps open unnecessarily (in the laundry, shaving, brushing teeth in). Order a shower consumes four times less water and energy than a bath.