However, the delegation is a learned skill, and (when used correctly) can actually help with chores to be completed faster with fewer errors and less stress. Academically, seek help when they do not understand something. There should be plenty of resources available from the centers of the writing, computer labs, graduate assistants, their teachers that offer office hours. There are other students who can better understand this issue, or have even taken the previous year. Especially in large classes, some students may be intimidated to ask for help.

However, with the sole purpose of the institution and all these resources is to help you learn. So use them. Ask for the string to appear before you drown! 3. Stand firm in their priorities understand what their priorities of each and every day is one of the biggest keys to success in college. It is also one of the easiest concepts to lose track of. It is a fast-paced world, where it is easy to become sidetracked with social activities, television programs, video games, etc.

Some people carry a card in your wallet, or even post a card in your PC, where the list of 1-5 top priorities in his life. The card says: “What am I doing with my time directly contributing to one of my top priorities in life?” If the answer is “No”, which serves as a good reminder that you could be doing something more important. Everyone has exactly 24 hours each day. People who achieve more in life simply make better use of their 24 hours each day than the others.