The daughter of Agustn Cabral, with a later democratic formation and, consequently, with another vision of the world, is step by step judging the conduct of the collaborators of the trujillista regime. There are moments of extraordinary artistic creation, like when the words of Uranian they are interrupted by a paragraph in which she herself creates to see the scene: She feels to restrain the automobile to the door of the house. () she perceives through the visillos the brilliant chromiums, the bright body, the relampagueantes reflections of the luxurious vehicle () the girl of the service shows by the half-opened door: – She has come to visit it the President, Lady, the Generalissimo, lady! – Dile I feel that it but I cannot receive it. Dile that Mrs. Cabral does not receive visits when Agustn is not in house. It walks, I occurred it. (Vargas Llosa M.

2001: 73-74). According to they narrate the events, this was the happened thing with the first Secretary of Education of the regime, Don Pedro Henrquez Urea. Uranian it would have wanted this conduct from its father. This fact constitutes an end nontied within history with small letter. Lamentably, the conduct of the Henrquez Urea was not the conduct of the other servants.

And Uranian it wants to take to the father some confession to him that, due to the postration state in which it is, will be an impossible one. By to such it recriminates it deeply reason. In order to worsen his revenge, it makes him remember moments like when she said that she had seen him the Generalissimo enter the house of opposite hers, the house of Minister Froiln and the consequent answer of the father, so that she forgot the fact and she did not speak more of the subject. It would seem to be that the conduct of the Ministers and other servants were the one to resign itself to the horns. And, since there was no alternative, to remove to them benefit. You did it? Visited the Head mother? Before I was born? () He did when the spouses were beautiful. My mother was beautiful no? What made my mother? It was resigned, proud of that honor? Good the Dominican ones were thankful that the Head deigned to throw them. It seems to you a vulgarity? But that was the verb that your dear Head used. (Vargas Llosa M. 2001:78). This way, through all the chapters that narrate the history of Uranian, the personage is unravelling the reptiles conducts generated by the dictatorship. At the same time, Po goes