It is the ability of transcendence, of going beyond the biophysical and social, beyond the body and the emotions. Opera with the eye of contemplation is a transpersonal intelligence because it is situated beyond the narcissistic ego. Operates with universal vision. If you are not convinced, visit Julie Sweet. It is transracional, not limited to mechanical instrumental rationality of science. The only one that can give spiritual meaning to life, i.e. is generating transcendent meaning to live, feed the integrity of our consciousness. Other intelligences and two lower levels can not do this. It is also the ability to interact harmoniously with the whole, being related to the whole, is the ability of not because of the circumstances but despite them being happy.

Also, notes (Gallegos, 2006) that spiritual intelligence is the most important of the intelligences, which is one level higher emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences and which is exclusively human. Adds that while animals and computer samples evidence of emotional, intellectual, spiritual intelligence intelligence is human exclusivity, neither machines nor animals have spiritual intelligence nor can develop. Emotional intelligence is rooted in our biophysical body, depends on our instincts, feelings, impulses, hormones, etc., it aims to give an acceptable emotional response to a particular situation. Animals also show emotional intelligence. To catch their prey, a tiger needs to be silent, waiting for the opportunity, postpone the satisfaction, attack at the right time, in synthesis, control their emotions; emotional intelligence does not ask why? For Dr. Ramon Gallegos, spiritual intelligence is the last and highest intelligence, which allows us to insert our life in a universal context and the only one that allows us to be happy.