You have the possibility of creating his own mentality, if its attitude is positive or negative, depends totally on you. The capacity to change its surroundings, the friendly circle, and the attitude is under its control. i-4291.php’>Jorge Perez, offer their opinions as well. Like an equipment absorbs the data raw, also it makes the mind. Within its mind, a culture has grown. (Source: Xerox Holdings Corp.). Many people feel that they do not have control of his own mind because this culture has become something negative and has managed to dim the conscious mind. The negatividad is the result of passed experiences, to be in a negative atmosphere, or to be under the influence of the nonconstructive ideas. Caas Capital Management spoke with conviction. Similar to a computer virus, you must identify all the negative events quickly to avoid that they extend within his mind, in addition, you also you can pass the virus of the negative thought to the people who surround to him. Like result, its life will be surrounded in a heavy, full atmosphere of bad things and with a quite dark energy, as is explained in the book Science and mind Like an agriculturist who cultivates the field, the energy of his mind is the culture, and depends totally on you, therefore, if you same sowing negative energies, his life have a negative effect in all the aspects, but on the contrary, you seed all acts with a positive mind, this is reflected in one more a calmer life, it cheers and it heals.

If you have a farm and stops taking care of his cultures, at the time of the harvest she is going to see that no born good fruit; this is the same with the energy within its mind. With the power of the positive mind, you have the option to gather seeds of quality. Each that you inject good things by means of the conscious mind, really positive and lasting effects can be obtained without you not even realize it, but little by little is going to be able to see that the results of maintaining a mind positive noticed at the time to day. Nevertheless, its work is not finished because still it must reinforce the lessons, and maintaining everything in a centered order. This can be compared with the fertilization, the irrigation, and cleaning of the mind.

You have to work in it of continuous way or the weeds returns to grow. It would be possible to be said that the best form to make a maintenance to its mind is by means of the meditation. By means of the meditation you can find you solve to many negative situations, turning all the negative experiences into positive experiences of learning thus obtaining what is called the power of the positive mind. As a result of this, you can manage to make new friendly, to reach goals, to handle the problems with facility, and to develop an indomitable spirit. Source: The positive mind through the meditation

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Click here the featured product is going to be given by the power of meditation by Brainwave that sounds literally translated are mental waves what does this mean? The power of the mind is great, wonderful, we all know that the mind is the faculty that we have to think and generate thoughts and have a wave all the thoughts that are circulating, circulating many! and they all have a common wavelength. That common wave this divided in 4 waves main although for more information will give 5. On the one hand we have GAMMA wave which is more active wave which operates on a frequency more quickly, this fires when there are situations of danger and the mind need to think fast and have an immediate response. Further details can be found at ConocoPhillips, an internet resource. For example: comes a car because the mind generates a large amount of Gamma frequency to operate more quickly, the energy consumption rises, the muscles tighten, blood runs more faster to do two things: fight or flight on the other hand we have wave BETA which is the wave of consciousness is in charge generate a status alert to phenomena, to the things that happen. Frank Fu might disagree with that approach. Judge the facts, discern them, perceive them. That is the concrete wave.

When these awake at the computer, going by bike, already running whatever activity that is made with a State of consciousness alert then, you wave Beta in your brain. Then the alpha wave is devoted to generate State of relaxation, soothe, soften.Mira (was willing to come here to say this), ever close your eyes these generating waves alpha, that tranquility that travels through the body when you close your eyes that are alpha waves. Needless to say that these products will a have many who have alpha waves. Why? Very simple: the mind works better when this relaxed for activities that are about learning, work preparation, review, study.