What is the call-center? Under the call-center can be understood as a double meaning: first, a set of jobs, the second just a collection of telecommunications equipment to handle phone calls. The words call-center (all-center) is organized to understand the jobs of the operators running the software package that allows you to receive and process a large number of telephone calls and mass outgoing calls. Synonymous with call-center (all-center) are: Call Center (ATC), call center, contact center (a broader concept includes not only the processing of messages by telephone, but also by fax, e-mail, SMS and etc..) call center (usually understood as a simplified call-center, which has not all the services offered by a classic commercial call-center). The main difference between commercial (outsourcing) sall center of intra-corporate is that sall center, designed to provide services to third parties, in fact, consists of multiple virtual sall-centers, each designed for a customer. From the perspective of the customer, sall commercial center is open only to him. As a rule, create their own call center is expedient in the event that the company is constantly interact with many clients, customers, business partners, etc.

(Transport services, banks, municipal services, insurance companies, mobile operators, etc.). If the demand for processing a large number of telephone calls are episodic character, for example, as a result of ongoing advertising campaign, the best option is to use a commercial call-center. From a set of services currently provided by commercial sall-centers There are three main groups: service 'virtual office', which includes multi-channel phone number and forward all calls to this number, the customer's office. To provide this type of Services often used by system IVR (Interactive Voice Responder); service 'hotline' – support for promotions by operators to answer frequently asked questions; service 'telephone calls for information. " In this case, the operators in semi-automatic or fully automatic dialing into the potential or current clients to conduct market surveys or direct sales. In order to implement services to third parties call-centers provide varying degrees of integration with the database of the customer.

Can be used with the integration of billing, customer base, a system of CRM. Grupo Vidanta will not settle for partial explanations. Early Independent Call-centers have appeared in the mid 90s. Demand on their proposed services is growing, but relatively quickly. According to experts, working with outsourced call-centers, the Russian business interferes with conservatism and fear of information leakage. Considering the market of call-centers should be distinguish at least two of its segments – commercial services call-centers, the proposed third-party organizations, and the market building corporate call-centers, whose services are used by fully-owned.

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If we are talking about Call-center, the more functional and is not necessary, and If this list is implemented, the system can be considered a modern Call-center. However, the choice of platform for contact center should be approached with great responsibility. Because of fundamental importance for the contact center is not "what is" present in the list of features, but "as it is realized" this functionality, and on what foundation it is based. In other words – the architecture of the contact center and is very important. 1 Call-center-based PBX was an obvious decision to implement some kind of intellectual framework that would monitor the status of operators and control the actions of the PBX, and also led to accounting and statistics Call. Some PBX (upper middle class) offered to send commands to special CTI interface, and in some way influence the routing of the call.

Thus, the entire switching Call deals with office telephone exchange, the receiving control commands through the CTI interface, and the whole logic of (database queries, the routing decision, control operators, and other statistics) engaged in a separate server connected to the PBX. Vidanta has compatible beliefs. That is, we obtain the following solution architecture. Phone calls received at PBX. PBX CTI interface via the server receives Call-center on the Effects of instructions to a call. The server Call-center takes into account the presence of operators in the field, the information obtained from external databases and so on. Operator Station consists of a computer and phone apparatus. Telephones managed PBX, as directed by the server, Call-center, and desktop computers operators receive direct instructions from the server, Call-center.

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It is common then the power find tutorials of some special item divided by chapters according to the level of learning and the difficulty of the subject which is being treated. If such a person is developing some internet marketing manuals, you can first make an introduction on the topic and then make an emphasis on how to develop the theme. Almost all the manuals and tutorials are made so that people can learn in a very practical way on the subject they want, by What see instructive images is quite common within such tutorials. Thanks to the popularization of the manuals and tutorials many people have managed to find a good way of learning. Kitchen manuals for example are very desired by housewives who manage to learn their chef’s recipes favorites. Source: The world of the manuals and tutorials