And just so you can get results. Each player is worried before the match. Some cope with this emotion, some not, but when the game starts, try to maximize focus and go out on a platform tuned only to win. It is very important – to believe in victory. Then she will come and victory – this is the sporting success.

Need to set a goal and strive for it – here and go through life: to the point. And yet we must be able to dream – then do it. I am happy with my sports career, much has been achieve, but I think that this is not the limit. And good luck to you accompanied, first of all we must love his job, give yourself the work and not think only about money. Otherwise, success will not happen. The hardest thing – to stay on top, on which visiting. About family and Irina we met three years ago in Moscow.

I rode in the evening after a workout, I saw a pretty girl and decided to ride. We began talking after a while started dating, and for two years as married. Before the advent of in my life, Ira, of course, in the first place was a basketball. Now everything is different: I can not put something in the first place, something in the second. Everything is very closely linked: if all is well in the family, then everything is going well and work, and vice versa. My family – it's my rear, where I can come after the victory, and after defeat.