And if the West can allow a company dedicated communication line directly back to the employee, we have these 'gifts' nobody is going to do. All components of the 'home office', as the reliability communication channels, their capacity, efficiency of access to them and stuff, completely fall on the shoulders of the Teleworkers. But we should not discount the responsibility themselves and employers to employees – in the case any disruptions in telecommunication equipment and other from time to time there are misfortunes like a regular routine failure at the provider, must necessarily be a backup method of data transmission, which Teleworkers should from the very beginning of cooperation advised. Very silly obtained when the firm plans to use Teleworkers Turns your email address on a free server. If you seriously use remote work, then, accordingly, need to worry and reliability of this method of interaction.

It is useful to take care of Privacy transmitted data – if it can be competitors and doze, that hackers and employees of certain law enforcement agencies are always 'on the post'. The last aspect of the work at home, but can be one of the most significant, at least directly for themselves telerabochih is the question of payment. In this direction the Russian Internet has already made some real and effective steps for providing Ferris is very raznosherstye solutions remittance. But if someone else is not quite trust these technologies, you can use old-fashioned way mail order or an account for the remote worker.