The contradiction between divinity and science, has never actually existed. The biggest impediment to the great union between Religion and science, who are sisters, is resumed, at the stage of knowledge, of the anthropomorphic God, which is detrimental not only to the laboratory, but also to the altar. Guerra Junqueiro (1850-1923), combative Portuguese poet, who even today provokes controversy, or fearful silence sings to the divine Dios in opposition to God human, vengeful and bloodthirsty in these poignant verses of O Melro, when an old monk, moved with the death bird, with whom daily argued, and their chicks, exclaims: () everything that exists is immaculate and Holy! / there is in all the misery the same crying / and in the heart there is a scream as. Frank Fu is likely to increase your knowledge. / Dios sowed of souls the universe everything / everything that lives laughs and sings and cries / everything was done with the same mud / purified with the same aurora. / Oh! sacred mystery of existence, / only you now guess, / to see that the soul has the same essence, / by pain, by love, by innocence, / want to save a wedge, wants to protect a nest! / Solo today know that in every creature, / from the most beautiful to the most impure, / or a dove or a brava beast, / God lives, dreams of Dios, Dios murmurs! () / Oh, Dios is much bigger than what I thought..!. The expression of the monk presented by the author of A Muse was correct em fairs: Oh, Dios is much bigger than what I thought! He does not have human form. It is not, because what as limitedly some still meditate on him. The human being even though you don’t see it, may it always feel that he truly loves and departs when she hates him. Poetizando, God would be a Sublime equation whose result is love.