Whether from heaven to hell or in the chaos and destruction, David Lachapelle still surprises fans of photography with his characteristic speeches full of aesthetic interpretations of social, political and religious. Lachapelle is a recognized artist who has shot celebrities, advertising campaigns and their own artistic concerns over a long career in the expression maps of the world. The combination of this career and demand for the product of popular culture have created spaces where you can establish the link between artist and viewer.

“The Delusions of Reason” is the latest exhibition of David Lachapelle in Guadalajara, in the museum in the old building of the UDG, there have been several exhibitions thematic cluster to be different from each other by their message and their strictly technical. However, of the credit for the impressions that remain in the public is the curator of the exhibition that you understand the speech of Lachapelle and built a story within the building in which the narrative takes you on a chapter to another, through the author’s imagination. Upon entering the exhibition, found a series of visual elements that give momentum and deliver the message effectively, attacking various forms of communication. Not only are the pictures in their frames can also be seen in unevenness facilities and even a video with the “behind the scenes” of artistic creation Lachapelle. The logic that follows is almost complete (human bodies, consumer goods, naked …) and still widely encrypted to provide a comprehensive experience that not only delights the eye but also the intellect.