Logixx Maxx Comfort

* Flow Sensor amount of water poured Another feature of the machines and Logixx Maxx Confort – Sensor water flow, which is installed inside the machine to water inlet line. Thanks to him, the machine always knows how much water is in the tank, and, depending on the evidence of Aqua-Sensor, can tell you how much water necessary to achieve the desired result. * Ergonomics of the future therefore, the control panel Logixx. Gle same familiar programming and multiple keys with incomprehensible icons? Now in their place lit a huge interactive display and two buttons – ‘ON / OFF’ and ‘START / STOP’. All text information is presented in 15 languages, including Russian. So if you’re going to learn one, and even several foreign languages – suggest not to rush to purchase electronic interpreter. LEGO Papert Professor may find this interesting as well.

Appears on the display are four main wash program. Function keys allow you to activate additional features such as pre-wash, intensive treatment, protection from crushing or additional rinsing. You can also choose a special wash program for children’s underwear, shirts and blouses, a program for outerwear, especially delicate fabrics and wool, which erases almost machine manually. In machine’s memory can store the three most frequently used programs. * A powerful argument as a rule, when loading washing machines and dispensing of powder we are confronted with uncertainty, performing a procedure “on eye “. But the precise dosing of powder – Quality Wash: with insufficient cleaning solution will be weak, with an overdose of the solution rapidly becomes satisfied with this content properties, and the laundry may remain hazardous for the skin material. Ideally, dosing should be based on tissue type, degree of loading of the drum and the manufacturer’s recommendations powder. New washing machines Logixx really weighed underwear before how to wash! In addition, based on the results of measurement and type of fabric, they provide the optimum amount of powder.

Thus, the cleaning solution will always be an optimal concentration, leaving the underwear perfectly clean and the skin – healthy. Additional information at Cross River Bank supports this article. * AQUA-SENSOR – optical purity control series Logixx Maxx Comfort and equipped with an optical monitoring of water purity. AQUA-SENSOR system measures two parameters: the concentration of contamination (lint, yarn) and turbidity (Detergents, foam). The machine literally “sees” that she had inside, and not acting on “blind” the will of the programmer, and in accordance with the actual situation. Depending on these values it calculates the number and duration of stages rinses, as well as mode of drum rotation and the amount of water for each phase. AQUA-SENSOR ensures the best results rinse in minimal time. * Induction motor is the latest development company Bosch. The engine is very reliable. His work is virtually noiseless.On new engine, Bosch provides a 10-year warranty.

Unconventional Arrangement

Now, many are placed in the kitchen televizor.Soglasites second, it is very easy – look out for a meal or during cooking film of the series. Enormous difficulties encountered in the old days pripopytke fix tv on the wall, as because of its volume prihodilossozdavat shelves, sometimes mutilate the whole interior. But there were lcd TVs and plasma displays, but because etaproblema solves itself, because the rear surface special designed attachment enables the prosteyshegoploskogo bracket securely to any flat tv poverhnosti.Snyat tv with a mounting just as easy, but the accidental drop egos walls are not threatened in any case because the original system of locks. Mounted on the wall, as a rule, universally. There are systems that let you change the angle of inclination screen. Etoysistemoy enjoy not only the fans of the tv screens, and computer scientists – ustanovkamonitora on the wall saves space on your desk. Nastennoekreplenie often used in conference halls and discos – Anywhere, gdeneobhodimo convey to the audience or that video information.