So, I will begin this exciting, but at the same time difficult to understand the article:) raspryg how to learn to jump like a kangaroo and be cool pepper? 🙂 The answer is simple – it is necessary to know at least how to use the console and some console commands. Immediately I will say in advance what many consider raspryg (English rabbit jump-bunnyjump) – cheat. Before I even got kicked from servakov, because that thought it was unfair to the opposing team. Of course, I quickly resigned, stopped, although know how, know how and I will be able to (yet sometime in the new version of the cop will be removed this bug at all). Connect with other leaders such as Is Cross River Bank legitimate? here. So then do not submit a claim to me and ask stupid questions, 'Why are they called me a cheater and always kicked ?':)) tell you a little history of the emergence raspryg on my version;) (who is not interested can easily skip it and read below) The story of a new boom in the rear – raspryg! Once again playing in a club, I noticed the guy with the nickname 'Xupypr', who began to jump from the spawn location, gradually increasing the speed and almost 'flying through the air':) doskakival the first places where unfortunately the enemy did not expect to see it! I became interested and at the same time jealous that such chips can not and therefore I began to ask him how is it to jump and if he could teach me. .

Russian Empire

Gold piece is the monetary unit of the Russian Empire and the ussr. Gold piece takes its name from the "pure gold, pure gold has a high quality red, pure tone. At different times, gold coin had a different the equivalent in rubles. But usually gold pieces called coins or banknotes in denominations of ten rubles. This value was fixed after the currency reform in 1926. In nineteen twenty-fourth year in August was released a new sample ticket par three gold pieces.

He had his billing force before the reform in 1947, but was almost completely replaced by new banknotes in circulation in 1932 and 1937's. And as a continuation of the series in 1926 issued a ticket a denomination gold coin, in 1928, two and five gold pieces. In 1932 he released a new ticket for three gold pieces. At that time our country was on track stabilize the currency. Ducat significantly strengthened the monetary system Soviet state, but there were still difficulties in the exchanges. Sometimes workers even refused to receive the salary in such awkward, but the solid gold pieces. When was launched small coins had to place a part orders for coinage in Britain since the Soviet factory could not cope with the pace with which the appeal swallowed the coin.

By the beginning of 1925 small coin crisis was overcome. Gold pieces of metal were used in primarily for foreign trade operations, but some coins applied in Russia. Already in 1925, gold coin equated to 10 rubles. Then subsequently import and export of gold coins for the Soviet border was prohibited. In 1937, launched a new appeal a series of currency denomination of one, three, five and ten ducats. Lenin's portrait first appeared on them. Gold coins existed before the reform in 1947, when they were replaced by new bills denominated in rubles. Exchange was ratio of ten to one. It turned out that the same old ten rubles corresponded to one ruble.