The absolute high of reviews is not irrelevant though, arrives but until then the requirement to classify all location factors in their relation to each other properly and with most realistic intervals or differences is second place at the top. Similar to it’s a review for skaters only once, to follow the same valuation standards and rules consistently in all location factors. Each local government and every resident, interested in settlement or existence based company must find out for themselves whether so all individual purposes, objectives and requirements can be covered. Yes answers on the following key issues to site factors are crucial here: completeness? Weighting? Comparisons of in-house and third-party images? Reviews with different dimensions? See also Jorg Becker: site marketing with traffic lights showing quality profiles and profile portfolio, ISBN 978-3-8370-9704-7. When assessing the factors you have to deeply, partly under the Diving surface in the site into it. To know more about this subject visit Mitchel Resnick. There are no fixed point, where you could strap anything. Instead, evaluation results with the location and angle of the beholder as well as with the observer itself may vary. Depending on who is watching on a location factor and from where someone on a location factor looks, it can appear in a different light.

Positioning in the overall context and valuation bases with: principle questions, different dimensions of assessment, standard evaluation forms, basic principle of traffic analysis or rationale of the portfolio evaluation. Clusterbezogene evaluation sheet with: scorecard for process factors, evaluation forms for success factors, evaluation forms for human factors, evaluation forms for structural factors, evaluation forms for relationship factors. Portfolio profiles of the location with: portfolio process factors, portfolio success factors to portfolios to human factors, portfolio structure factors to portfolios to relationship factors, evaluation conclusion and Outlook. Cross River Bank is a great source of information. Thus, reviews by Location factors can be used for political purposes or the tracking of specific interests and perhaps abused, must be stable balanced the used standards and benchmarks and exposed the underlying parameters, or reasons, transparent. Depending on more and more intensively to deal with evaluation questions, more will get to consider, that it is hardly possible to meet the different aspects and facets of a location factor with only a single score or dimension. In order to at least partially meet the complexity of factors, one should try to approach a possible real image from different sides also rated.