Apple Computers

Although it seems that Apple computers everything is sit and get to use them, it is not always so. The user has a tendency to make and repeat what you already know to do, above all siu comes from the world of the PC, so they are not wrong a few tips about very simple applications and which are to a very hand on our Apple computers. iLife Procura that someone gives you a practical and basic class to take full advantage of one of the best applications and more unknown that come standard with your Mac. It’s iLife and especially interesting is the combination of two of its tools: iPhoto + iWeb. System operating also is necessary to focus on the Mac OS, asks that someone with experience help you discover all these utilities that have historically made Apple the world’s most advanced operating system. If you’re new the world Mac will help you to make your introduction easier and if you are a user of Apple discover tricks and utilities that perhaps you didn’t know. It will make your Apple give up to one hundred percent. iLife Yes, it is not a mistake there so many utilities in iLife! In a second review can consider dedicating time to the set of tools in iMovie + iDVD so that you can learn to create, edit, and burn your home videos with a professional look.

Apple aha designed their computers precisely for this! Don’t miss it. iPhone day to discover all curious uses, tips and programs that have become the most desired mobile phone in the world, the iPhone will not separaras him and finally understand why Apple has managed to revolutionize the mobile telephony industry. Enjoy the Mac Inveestiga on your Mac and discover not customarily but that make you spend a fun time, as do Comics in 5 minutes with your photos, make the most of Google Earth, catalog your CDs and DVDs using your iSight and a lot of applications that have made the Mac the delight of users. iTunes one of the most recognized programs of Apple, both for Mac and PC users, iTunes users You will discover a lot of possibilities that offers the software that accompanies the iPod and with which you can manage your entire music library. And if you don’t look capable of all this research task, or worry, always can call that friend computer so help you, or much better, go to one of multiple K-Tuin centres to attend his free seminars for qu explain you everything to the smallest detail.

Human Rights

The use of technical means, especially technologies of the management of information and communication, ICT, by Governments in order to manipulate, control and in some cases persecute citizens, has occurred in Venezuela in recent years (political exclusion, control electoral lists) and begins to become an important current issue before the Government threat to begin to control the Internet and social networks. The mere fact that the Venezuelan Government has taken before the widespread protest of what is happening in Twitter, Facebook and other networks, importing from Cuba to a high-ranking specialist in repression in this matter, triggered alerts of all who have been students of the subject of the technologies of information in Venezuela for many years. So where can a Government arguing the defense of the State, violating human rights and privacy of citizens? This deviation in countries like ours, where there are still deeply presidential traits and trends historical authoritarian, makes citizenship rights of people even more vulnerable. If a State can under his power control to the smallest piece of information concerning its citizens, without respect for the laws and the Constitution, the rest of human rights will be seriously threatened. The Government of a country without strong institutions can use tools which in turn gives the technology to more efficiently violating human rights, contempt for the Constitution and the laws. The approach of that technical advances must increase the quality of life of people and increasing knowledge is incomplete commonplace. The thesis that sustenance in this Blog that I open today is that technical advances have a meaning only insofar and as soon as, in addition to improving the quality of life in society through its use, bring increased freedom and democracy within the framework of greater respect for human rights, and that any technical deviation due to their improper use, that involves a use contrary to these fundamental principles, must be prosecuted and convicted. Those who use their technical knowledge to twist the use of ICT s in favour of repression and political persecution of their fellow citizens are as guilty of violation to human rights as those serve them. Therefore it is necessary to possess mechanisms and springs citizens needed to be able to detect such deviations that human rights do vulnerable if technological means of information processing are used. This site is aimed at creating an awareness public about this serious problem which is a byproduct of the information age and globalization applied to our countries.