We must of being able to distribute all to our enthusiasm and sense lover of detail in the greater amount of stages and areas of the project to guarantee an integral and consistent work. If our emphasis must to the greater attention than we give our area of specialization (if we are designers to the line of vision or if we are programmers to the functional thing), we must consider the option seriously to subcontract other services to guarantee the technical quality of all the areas of the project. To do without a work plan The security and confidence that we are acquiring as pass the projects, often causes that we become apathetic or exceeded with this tool of administrative control, if we have never used it does not cause to us to do it and we used if it in our beginnings, we go quiet stopping using it. As professional we do not have to underestimate the support that this tool can give the execution fluidity of our project, because it allows us: to give precise order him and strategic of the tasks (to prioritize), to program the needs of information for each stage of the process and give a discipline sense us towards the fulfillment of the time proposed for the execution of the project. A project is monetarily successful only insofar as we managed to fulfill the terms programmed for its execution, every day or extra week means more time of our attention and therefore less yield.

To put themselves and/or to put the client in the first place We do not have to forget to us that the design, neither is for us nor is for the client, the design of the Web is for the clients of our clients. As much the communication strategy, as the appearance and the functionality of the site must of being done thinking about the market puts for which strategically it is being constructed. It is our obligation to communicate this to him to the client and to leave him the importance to think about the market clear puts for any strategic decision that we need to take. To leave too many things for the end First it is an icon, soon an animation, later a category, until finishing with a great slope listing that was being accumulated to us, things no that soon with time against another remedy will be that to do them lightly. The recommendable thing is that you behind schedule program of every week to finish solely accumulated slopes during those seven days, this way you will be able to go evacuating them with all the motivation and tranquilad necessary not to affect the quality of your design.