Much of the mobility of our legs depends on our knees are in a good condition. These are indispensable for the realization and execution of any movements that require the use of legs and feet, like walking, jumping, running or swimming. Our ability to obtain revenues, especially in certain jobs, as well as for daily habits and activities, could be seriously threatened in the event of a serious knee injury, to such an extent reached its serious risk. The anatomical significance of it and its possible injury in simple terms can be defined this as a joint of a composite character that integrates and connects the femur to the tibia and patella. They are part of the same various important ligaments that connect these bones with various muscles, among others the anterior cruciate ligament, the posterior or the patellar.

It is a certainly vulnerable area, especially because that supports most of the weight of our Anatomy, and may suffer a wide variety of injuries and ailments. As it is well known due to its wide dissemination media, the continuing practice of certain sports which involve a great tension in it such as football, rugby or high competition swimming very often, causes tears to ligaments or cartilage in the area. Particularly serious are the possible fractures or dislocations that may suffer in their bones, and may become necessary in the most serious cases to install screws or plates of titanium in order to recover mobility in the area, leaving the patient in the long term with serious pains in the area. Claim in case of alien responsibility in the injury of knee injuries are very serious, and in serious cases could lead even to your incapacity to work in any of grades that supports Social Security. Therefore, where the lesion would have mediated some kind of reckless act or fault or negligence outside, could bring a claim for damages, founded in the principle of extra-contractual Civil liability. Despite the fact that this entails a cost, in time and effort, it is a very suitable choice if, in your case, you felt sincerely that has caused you serious damage that will leave sequels in the future. With adequate economic compensation, you might see that prejudice that you’ve suffered mitigated somewhat.