This article describes step by step in simple terms how to connect your TV to a computer, how to view video on it and other files as well as the implementation of the necessary configuration PC. Before reading material mind you I recommend the following: 1.Eta article is intended for “dummies”, written in simple and accessible language (with no special names, obscure acronyms, detailed specifications, etc.), should help the majority of inexperienced users to connect a TV to a computer, without clogging your head too much information. 2.Suschestvuet many different ways to connect your TV to your computer. Given that virtually all modern graphics cards have access to s-video, and the majority of TV sets – large 21-pin scart-socket, we consider it an option. To date, it is not the highest quality, but for comfortable viewing video this is quite enough. Make sure that the video adapter on your computer (near the connector plug in a monitor) is a small nest, like a standard socket for a mouse or keyboard, with the inscription s-video (see Figure 1 after a link ‘Read More’ below).

Plug your TV must have a wide 21-pin SCART-connector (two rows of 10 contacts, there is usually at the back of the TV (see Fig. 2, after clicking on the link ‘Read More’ below). If you do not even one of these elements, read an article on it makes no sense. But do not despair – it does not mean that you do not get to connect the TV to your computer, simply try another suit you instructions. 3.Pri described following form will be used to connect the most affordable and disseminate the cords and other materials that can be purchased at electronics stores or markets of the absolute majority of settlements of the CIS countries. For connect your TV to a computer can be used and other materials. I.

Preparation. Besides computer and TV with the above connectors to connect them together to get: 1.Shnur “S-Video – S-Video” (with plugs “S-Video” on both sides, see Fig. 3, after clicking on the link ‘Read More’ below) to send video from your PC to your TV. The length of the cord, choose depending on the distance from the computer to be connected TV. Cord better to buy a shield (it costs more, but the image will be better), although it is often possible to achieve excellent quality and with cheap copies. 2.Perehodnik SCART-audio/video/s-video. Sale everywhere. Looks like – see Fig. 4. after clicking on the link ‘Read more’ below. 3.If you want on your TV, not only video but also audio, will also need a cord “Jack” – two “tulips” (see Fig. 5, after clicking on the link ‘Read dalshe’vnizu). Its length should be match the length of cable to transmit video. Now on to the connection.

DSL Quot

Number of owners of two or more home computers (laptops) are constantly increasing. Each of the lucky from time to time it is necessary to transfer certain files from the hard drive of one computer to another's hard drive. For these purposes, you can use removable storage, Bluetooth, etc., but when it comes to transferring large amounts of information, the most practical and quickest way to be a direct connection between two computers through their network cards. In addition, such a compound can be used to connect a second computer to the Internet connection first and address other problems. To connect two computers together should: 1. The presence of hard-working network cards in each of the connected computers. How to check: go to "system properties" (right-click on the icon "My Computer" on your desktop or "Start" menu, and choose "Properties").

Then on the tab "Hardware" click on "Device Manager". In the "Networking" should be displayed network map (called … Ethernet Adapter …, … Network Connection … or something like that). If the network card in the specified section does not appear, or it is disabled in the BIOS, or on the computer it's not at all or it is defective.

2. Appropriate cable (the so-called cross-over). The cable from the DSL-modem will not work, but looks very similar. Its can be made at home, but in this case, except a piece of cable "twisted pair" of desired length and two RJ-45 jacks, which fasten to both its ends, we also need a special crimping tool.