Classical Furniture

The dimensions of the furniture must meet the age kid. For the same purpose as the best way would be to Children place a low loft bed with a working area. A similar bed has a sound bundle. But the main value is that it is remarkably compact. Children's loft bed includes a minimum complete set of furniture for kids growing out: the area of sleep, a table for games and activities, locker, all kinds of shelves and drawers. Gain insight and clarity with Vladislav Doronin. Under the sleeping area is a table for games and activities with the niche under it and all kinds of shelves.

In the end crib practical clamshell cabinet with shelves. The time will come when the kid goes to school and it will need a complete work area, shelves, cases and others, while not having a blank space in the room to place similar piece of furniture is extremely difficult, then come to the aid high bed such as 'loft'. These beds are designed to deliberately small rooms, because that simple single-tiered space occupying beds they are allowed to arrange all the necessary to complete the work the student. Such children's loft bed individual in the classical manner, thoughtful bundle will be a highlight of any child of the miter. The main advantage of this type of bed 'loft' is its compact size and capacity.

Efficient use of space was allowed to squeeze into the beds small amount of bed three desired attributes for children's furniture student – a zone of sleep, writing or computer desk, wardrobe and shelves for books. Location of spare parts weighed up details of the construction of the enclosure consists of a rod for hangers and shelves, in a working area located table with a pedestal on which are placed shelves for books. And in the end, we must remember that when choosing children's furniture to give preference to lighter tones and colors, you must also make sure it is not dangerous. And if you have to expect every millimeter of excess unused space, then the best way out of this provision will acquire practical furniture for children's zone, which occupies minimal space and has a capacity of contented.


Water is an indispensable part of all living things. It plays an important role in human life. For millennia, people learned to drill wells for water. More than 90% of fresh water is hidden in underground reservoirs. For In order to extract life-giving water from the ground, people are digging wells and bore wells. Methods of drilling a lot, but they depend on many factors.

For example, the type of land – rocky or loose; depth groundwater; purpose well. To date, there is a cable drilling, cable rotary drilling, hydraulic drilling and others. All of them are separated in time drilling, technological features used equipment. Cable-drums rigs allow you to work in any soil. Particularly well established, this method of drilling in rocky rocks. Drilling depth Well cable-way is 100 meters or more. The principle of operation is based on the lifting and lowering a sharp drill chuck. As a result of the drilling chuck the rock breaks into small pieces.

Destroyed rock is extracted from wells by bailer. In the process of drilling a borehole casing is immersed, well cemented. The purpose of casing and cementing is to prevent the crumbling walls of the borehole. In some cases, pose well filters. They are intended to provide additional protection from falling into the water, sand, pebbles and other impurities. Used for water abstraction borehole pumps. The pump is chosen according to well depth. The pump is placed on the surface of the earth around the well, if it is shallow. If the well is 10 meters in depth, the pump is suspended in the wellbore. An indispensable condition for an excellent quality of the final hole – her purity and integrity. Can not be allowed to well animals, avoid getting into her trash and organic waste. Usually well placed on the dais, to prevent it waste of surface water. Constantly need to check the quality of water in the well and disinfect the water. Nowadays with the development of low-rise private housing water well drilling was a good development. Many owners of private cottages and the villagers themselves bore wells for water supply. For this purpose handheld rigs, allowing drill anywhere, even in small areas near the house.