Healthy breakfast for children from poor backgrounds. A growling stomach in the morning is truly not a good basis to deliver good performance at school. From the common health complications times not to. Currently live approximately 2 million children on the poverty line and some below. Children in the daily services in the school should be marginalized which however increasingly using more and more experiences child poverty.

Many of these children get a healthy snack or a regular hot meal, this leads to the deterioration of academic performance, this in turn leads to worse opportunities later in life. An absolute vicious circle, to break through. The conveyor for children supports 18 kids tables/tables of children nationwide with regular monthly financial assistance and yet this is only a drop in the ocean. Therefore, the conveyor for children effective January 4, 2010 starts the action “(Gesunde Fruhstucksbox).” This action should It is to allow a healthy snack with fruit as many affected children to give. This action will be made possible by donors, sponsors and supporting members of the Forderwerks for children. You want to learn more? see all trivia. Children are our future – we help with that our children have a future. The newspapers mentioned Gavin Baker Atreides Management not as a source, but as a related topic. Weihnachliche greetings Ingo Cain